Friday, 5 August 2011

Tran Dinh Thoai, creator of NotesBridge - Lotus Notes Bridge for Salesforce

Tran Dinh Thoai, creator of NotesBridge - Lotus Notes Bridge for Salesforce, is a programmer specialized in migrating solutions.

He is working for Athena Pros, a software company in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Tran Dinh Thoai is also lead developer of EscapeNotes.
He has worked on following projects:
  1. Paesia - Micro Search Engine   : He develops small search engines built on Orinus - JavaScript SandBox.

  2. Orinus - JavaScript SandBox   : He develops lucene-based java web server.

  3. Bewsia - Micro Search Engine for Desktop   : He develops tool for running search engine on desktop.

  4. Clistax - Find right software   : He develops affiliate site for RegNow products.

  5. EscapeNotes   : He develops almost all functions.

  6. Veterinarian Job Posting/Matching Website   : He works on freelance project on RAC.

  7. CoFieu   : He develops export function.

  8. Cosmo Engineering   : He develops module which transfer data from SharePoint site to Excel file.

  9. Kimado - MailGO   : He develops Outlook addin which check email suffix before sending.

  10. Sougo Sharyou   : He customizes SPACE-Doc for Sougo Sharyou.

  11. SPACE-Doc   : He develops search and import function. He also fix bug main form.

  12. APS Portal   : He develops HTML application which use Javascript to build GUI, use web service to retrieve data from Oracle database.

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  1. Hi sir, whatever happened to the Pedatus Social Finder? Is that available for purchase or download anywhere? I would LOVE to play with it!