Sunday, 30 October 2011

I prepare for Salesforce DEV 401

After falling first Salesforce DEV 401 exam, I start looking around Internet to find tips for exam. I have found some useful.

1. Developer 401 Exam - Tips
The developer 401 Exam is geared toward people who do not know how to code as per say write a trigger or Visual Force Page. 
But does understand what the technical functions are in
Things needs to be reviewed:
+ Security that is involved on the platform <== Refers to Groups, Roles, Profiles
+ Master/Detail/Lookup relationships
+ Junction Objects
+ relationship between Developer/Full Copy/Config sandbox and Production
+ Matrix Reports (similar to a Pivot table in Excel)
+ DataLoader
+ Import Wizard
+ Know all the Components(See pic below)
Basically go through the setUp area and you should know and understand everything that is there for this exam. 
Remember this exam does not test your code knowledge it is an exam to make sure you undertstand the technical side of things.
Everytime when a developer gets a project, one must think of two things:
+ Can it be done without code <== this is understand the functions of the App.
+ If done in code then what would be affected, as in Relationships between objects, Reports, etc. 

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