Sunday, 6 November 2011

Salesforce DEV 401 Preparation - Day 6

1. App Setup -> Customize

1.1. Tab Names and Labels

1.1.1. Rename Tabs and Labels
Can change singular label, plural label and 'starts with vowel sound' of standard objects.

Can change record name, singular label, plural label and 'starts with vowel sound' of custom objects. 
Record name changed by 'App Setup -> Customize' is different from one changed by 'App Setup -> Create -> Objects'. 
Record name changed by 'App Setup -> Customize' is used in list views, edit/view forms.
1.1.2. Help Settings
Can change URL of the context-specific Help links on any page. (One for all).
1.2. Home

1.2.1. Home Page Components
Standard components on home page is not editable except 'Messages & Alerts', 'Custom Links'. 
'Custom links' standard component contains up to 15 bookmarks.

There are 3 kinds of custom component which can be added to home page:
+ Links
+ Image/Logo
+ HTML Area

'Links' custom component contains custom links which is created by 'App Setup -> Customize -> Home -> Custom Links'.

'Image/Logo' custom component contains multiple images and text. Images are inserted from document folders.

'Links', 'Image/Logo' custom components are always in Narrow (Left) Column. 
'HTML Area' can be in Narrow (Left) Column or Wide (Right) Column. 
Can not change column kind of 'HTML Area' custom component.
1.2.2. Home Page Layouts
Can assign home page layout to profile. 'Home Page Default' layout is not editable.
1.2.3. Custom Links
Link behaviors include:
+ Display in new window
+ Display in existing window with sidebar
+ Display in existing window without sidebar
+ Display in existing window without sidebar or header
+ Execute JavaScript
1.3. Activities

1.3.1. Task Fields
Can only change help text of task fields. 
Task custom fields are created by using "Activity Custom Fields". 
Task custom field are same as event custom field.
1.3.2. Task Validation Rules
Can add validation rules for task object.
1.3.3. Task Triggers
Can add triggers for task object.
1.3.4. Task Buttons and Links
Can override task standard buttons with visualforce pages.

Task custom buttons and links include 3 kinds:
+ Detail Page Link
+ Detail Page Button
+ List Button
1.3.5. Task Page Layouts

1.3.6. Task Field Sets

1.3.7. Task Record Types

1.3.8. Event Fields

Similar to task fields

1.3.9. Event Validation Rules

Similar to task validation rules

1.3.10. Event Triggers

Similar to task triggers

1.3.11. Event Buttons and Links

Similar to task buttons and links

1.3.12. Event Page Layouts

Similar to task page layouts

1.3.13. Event Field Sets

Similar to task field sets

1.3.14. Event Record Types

Similar to task record types

1.3.15. Activity Custom Fields
Custom field is created for both task and event.
1.3.16. Activity Search Layouts

1.3.17. Activity Buttons
Can override standard button with visualforce page.
There is no activity custom button.
1.3.18. Public Calendars and Resources
Access levels of sharing include:
+ Hide Details - Users can only see availability.
+ Hide Details and Add Events - Users can see availability and add events.
+ Show Details - Users can view the details of events, but they cannot add events or edit existing events.
+ Show Details and Add Events - Users can view the details of events and add events, but they cannot edit existing events.
+ Full Access - Users can view the details of events, add events, and edit existing events.

In order to add event to resource calendar, create event on public calendar or user calendar, 
choose 'Add Invitees' in 'Invite Others' section, search within 'Resources' and insert selected resources.
1.3.19. Activity Settings
+ Enable Group Tasks:
+ Enable Sidebar Calendar Shortcut: show link to calendar on sidebar
+ Enable Creation of Recurring Events: show 'Recurrence' section when create new event
+ Enable Creation of Recurring Tasks: show 'Recurrence' section when create new task
+ Enable Activity Reminders: show 'Reminder' section when create new task or event.
+ Enable Email Tracking:
+ Show Event Details on Multi-User Calendar View:
+ Enable Multiday Events:
+ Show Requested Meetings in the Calendar Section on the Home Tab:
+ Show Custom Logo in Meeting Requests: 
1.3.20. Cloud Scheduler
Add or remove 'New Meeting Request' button to or from the Open Activities related list on contact, lead, and person account page layouts.

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