Monday, 7 November 2011

Salesforce DEV 401 Preparation - Day 7

1. App Setup -> Customize

1.4. Campaigns

1.4.1. Fields
Can only change help text of standard campaign fields.

Can create custom campaign fields.
Marketing user license is required to create new campaign.
1.4.2. Validation Rules
Can add validation rules for campaign object.
1.4.3. Triggers
Can add trigger for campaign object.
1.4.4. Page Layouts

1.4.5. Field Sets

1.4.6. Search Layouts

1.4.7. Buttons and Links
Can override campaign standard buttons with visualforce pages.

Campaign custom buttons and links include 3 kinds:
+ Detail Page Link
+ Detail Page Button
+ List Button
1.4.8. Record Types

1.4.9. Campaign Influence

1.4.10. Campaign Members Fields Validation Rules Triggers Page Layouts Field Sets Buttons and Links Record Types

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